Dance with a Mummy

I found a mummy in the attic,
when I was playing with my sister on hide-and-see.

It dried out and covered with dust.

“Mummy, I found it!”
My sister cried in an innocent voice.

Strangely, the mummy waved his head.
“Wow, finally found out?”

The hoarse voice of the mummy that makes the age feel.

Slowly the mummy got up.
There was a sound that forced the old door to open.

“Because it moves after a long time, the body is heavy.”

The mummy stretched out.

And there seemed to be a sound
that an old building would be broken.

The mummy collapsed as it was.
The spine, arms, legs and neck broke and crumbled.

Dust spreads throughout the attic.

The mummy stopped working as it was.
My sister struck with a toe, but it didn’t react.

From the tilted window, the sunlight in the afternoon.

My sister sighed and muttered without power.
“Oh, I wanted to dance with you.”

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