I Hate Decorating

I do not likeTo decorate. Because, I do not do anythingSuch as bad things to decorate.  【 飾るのきらい 】 あたし  飾るのきらい。 だって    飾らなきゃいけないような  悪いこと    あたし なんにもしてない。  

Angel’s Wind

When I was sleeping in the bed of the hospital, there was a nurse just above me, the ceiling, spinning like a hung fan. "Well, if you keep going around like that, will not your eyes turn?" When I asked with a hoarse voice, the nurse wearing a transparent white clothes reply while turning. "Unfortunately … Continue reading Angel’s Wind

Sand Castle

A young child creates a sand castle on a sandy beach Although it was scooped by the waves and it collapses soon Yet the young child is crazy and creates the sand castle It seems to be interesting forever  【 砂の城 】 砂浜で  おさな子が   砂の城を    こしらえている  どうせ  波にすくわれ   すぐに    崩れてしまうのに  それでも  夢中になって   砂の城を    こしらえている  いつまでも  いつまでも     おもしろそうに